Sunday, August 28, 2011

Zain Kuwait eeZee Unlimited Calls

Kuwait: Zain Kuwait has launched eeZee unlimited Calls, its latest eeZee lines product that lets all prepaid customers make unlimited voice calls, video calls on its local network.
Zain, which maintains the leading position in the Kuwaiti mobile communications market, announced that the campaign will undoubtedly increase the level of mobile traffic between the largest community of prepaid customers in Kuwait.
“The launch of this product will see Zain adopt a new attitude to its valued customers, in particular those in the prepaid segment,” declared Bassel Manasrah , Director of Marketing inZain Kuwait.
“Zain has once again changed the customer’s perception of their mobile phone, a device that has become a magical multifunctional in our daily life,” he added.
To benefit from this offering, prepaid customers simply need to send a sms containing the letter “C” to 999.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Nokia unlock codes for Kuwait

*3370# This Nokia code activates Enhanced Full Rate Codec (EFR) - Your Nokia cell phone uses the best sound quality but talk time is reduced my approx. 5%
#3370# Deactivate Enhanced Full Rate Codec (EFR) .
*#4720# Activate Half Rate Codec - Uses a lower quality sound to gain approx 30% more Talk Time.
*#4720# deactivate the Half Rate Codec.
*#0000# Displays software version, Software Release Date & Compression Type .
*#9999# Phones software version in case *#0000# does not work.
*#06# For checking the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI Number) .
#pw+1234567890+1# Provider Lock Status. (use the "*" button to obtain the "p,w" and "+" symbols).
#pw+1234567890+2# Network Lock Status. (use the "*" button to obtain the "p,w" and "+" symbols) .
#pw+1234567890+3# Country Lock Status. (use the "*" button to obtain the "p,w" and "+" symbols).
#pw+1234567890+4# SIM Card Lock Status. (use the "*" button to obtain the "p,w" and "+" symbols) .
*#21# This phone code allows you to check the number that "All Calls" are diverted to.
*#2640# Displays phone security code in use .
*#30# Lets you see the private number.
*#43# Allows you to check the "Call Waiting" status of your cell phone.
*#61# Allows you to check the number that "On No Reply" calls are diverted to .
*#62# Allows you to check the number that "Divert If Unreachable (no service)" calls are diverted to .
*#67# Allows you to check the number that "On Busy Calls" are diverted to
*#67705646# Phone code that removes operator logo on 3310 & 3330

OSN Troubleshooting for kuwait

"E-45 Searching For Signal At .."
75% of E45 on-screen messages can be resolved by rebooting the decoder. Digital decoders are like computers and they may occasionally freeze or "lock-up". Disconnect the power to the decoder by unplugging the wall socket and re-plugging it. This should rectify most cases.

"E-16 Service Is Currently Scrambled"
Check that you are watching an OSN channel to which you have subscribed. To refresh your signal you can: -

OSN Kuwait Dish Settings

OSN Broadcasts all of its programmes via the Nilesat 102 Satellite at 7º West. You may find the following technical information of use during installation and the programming of your decoder

Satellite: Nilesat
Location: 7º West
Transponder 1: 11.996 Ghz Horizontal
Transponder 2: 12.073 Ghz Horizontal
Transmission System: MPEG2
Conditional Access: Irdeto
Forward Error Correction: 3/4
Symbol Rate 27500

OSN transmits its signals in digital format. This gives high quality picture with CD quality sound and the possibility to deliver Dolby Pro-Logic surround sound providing you have this equipment. We aim to transmit all our programmes in stereo, whenever possible and you can rely on Showmovies, MTV and VH-1 to provide stereo sound in unrivalled quality.

How do set parental control on OSN Kuwait

PARENTAL CONTROL gives you the ability to choose which channels or even which programmes can be viewed in your home. The OSN rating system (Fam to 18), on screen communication highlighting the suitability of certain programmes and the technology in our decoder provides you with all the control you need to easily restrict or completely block certain programmes or channels as you want.

Press the ‘Menu’ on your Remote Control
Then select ‘Settings’ and press “OK”
Select "Parental Control" and enter PIN "0000"
Select either "Channel Block" (to block entire channels) or "Set Ratings" to block programming of a certain rating and above
Follow on screen instructions.

How do rescan my decoder on OSN kuwait

Press the "Menu" button on remote control
Select "Settings" from the list and press OK
Select "System Setup"ation and press OK
Enter the code 0000 and press OK
Select "Free Scan" and press OK
Select "Satellite Scan" and press OK
Press the Green button on your remote control and select "Yes, continue"

What channels are available with OSN Kuwait

3 OSN Box Office channels that deliver the best home theatre selections from Paramount, Dreamworks, Sony Columbia, NBC Universal, Disney and local studios.
13 Movies channels - OSN MOVIES HD, OSN MOVIES HD +2, OSN ACTION HD, OSN PREMIERE, OSN PREMIERE +2, OSN CINEMA, OSN CINEMA +2, OSN MOVIES ACTION, OSN MOVIES COMEDY, OSN MOVIES KIDS, OSN MOVIES FESTIVAL, TCM and MGM. These leading channels allow customers to choose from up to 9 different first-time-on-TV movies broadcasting at any one time.
4 SHOWSPORTS channels - OSN SPORTS 1 HD, OSN SPORTS 2, OSN SPORTS 3 and OSN SPORTS 4 - being the home of the Ryder Cup, Cricket, Rugby Union Tri-Nations, Rugby League World Cup, WWE, UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship and other exclusive leagues.
In house General Entertainment channels, such as OSN FIRST and OSN FIRST HD, the home of action and drama series. OSN SHASHA is the home to Arabic movies, series and talkshows; OSN COMEDY, home of comedy series.

Kuwait Consumer Electronics Market To Rise KD 205m

According to a recent forecast by Business Monitor International, the Kuwait consumer electronics market is set to increase KD 205 million ($707 million) in 2010. The consumer electronics market is a key growth sector for emerging markets such as the Middle East, as a tech-savvy population and tourism continue to grow in the country.
Increasing demand for next generation technology and growing competition among manufacturers and resellers has transformed the consumer electronics industry to offer innovative lifestyle products. Today, consumers are seeking products that have better connectivity, performance, speed, quality and convenience to suit their lifestyle and home. This year, the consumer electronic market will see a growing trend towards feature rich notebooks, smartphones, 3D technology, high-end gaming and digital solutions.
With so many innovations, both the industry and the retail trade are looking optimistically towards the Consumer Electronic segment at GITEX TECHNOLOGY WEEK 2010. Manufacturers, industry experts, distributors, independent apps stores and mobile accessory companies and consumers will showcase and identify the latest future entertainment, digital lifestyle and consumer products.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Subscribe feed on internet explorer in Kuwait

Open Internet Explorer by clicking the Start button . In the search box, type Internet Explorer, and then, in the list of results, click Internet Explorer. Go to the website that has the feed you want to subscribe to. Click the Feeds button to discover feeds on the webpage. Click a feed (if more than one is available). If only one feed is available, you will go directly to that page. Click Subscribe to this feed. Type a name for the feed and select the folder to create the feed in. Click Subscribe. RSS feeds provide frequently updated content published by a website. They are commonly used for news and blog websites, but are also used for distributing other types of digital content, including pictures, audio, or video. Feeds can also be used to deliver audio content (usually in MP3 format) which you can listen to on your computer or portable device. This is referred to as podcasting. A feed can have the same content as a webpage, but it's often formatted differently. When you subscribe, Internet Explorer automatically checks the website and downloads new content so you can see what is new since you last visited the feed.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Skype Available on iPad in kuwait

Skype, a peer-to-peer voice service, released the Skype for iPad app. The new offering allows iPad users to make two-way video calls, use instant message, view contacts, search recent conversations, and send SMS messages. The app works on iPad1 devices. Apple offers video calls on its iPad2 tablets. Available for downloading at Apple’s iTunes App Store for free, the Skype for iPad app lets users make and/or receive free Skype-to-Skype video calls from their iPads to an array of internet-connected devices over Wi-Fi or 3G. Skype’s first iPad-optimized app offers a number of key features designed specifically for the iPad, including taking advantage of the device’s large screen for video calls that deliver up to VGA quality video (640x480) at 15 frames per second. In addition, users can connect via video call on the iPad with even more Skype contacts, as it is compatible with a host of other Skype applications, including: Skype for iPhone, Skype for Mac, Skype for Windows PC, Skype for Android, Skype on HDTVs, and many more. Skype for iPad also takes advantage of the iPad’s larger screen with an updated contacts view, which displays Skype contacts as large avatars in a grid layout. Users can also more easily find and resume recent conversations and calls through an updated history window. In addition to video calling, Skype for iPad allows users to place and receive Skype-to-Skype voice calls in kuwait, as well as send IMs and SMS text messages, plus make calls to landlines and mobile phones at Skype’s calling rates. Skype for iPad works on iPads updated with the most recent iOS firmware. Two-way video calling is available on the iPad 2. Users of the original iPad are able to receive video during Skype-to-Skype calls. They can still make Skype voice calls and IM with users running Skype on other devices.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

How to display pop-ups in a new tab in internet explorer

You can choose to always display pop-ups in a new tab, to always display them in a new window, or to let Internet Explorer decide how to display them. If you opt to let Internet Explorer decide how to display pop-ups, it will display the pop-up in a new window if the pop-up specifies size or display requirements. Otherwise, the pop-up is displayed in a new tab. To change how pop-ups are displayed Open Internet Explorer by clicking the Start button . In the search box, type Internet Explorer, and then, in the list of results, click Internet Explorer. Click the Tools button, and then click Internet Options. Click the General tab, and then, in the Tabs section, click Settings. Make a selection in the When a pop-up is encountered section. Click OK twice. To save a group of tabs, click the Favorites button, click the arrow next to the Add to Favorites button, and then click Add Current Tabs to Favorites. Give the tab group a name, and then click Add.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Why doesn't Adobe Flash work in Internet Explorer in kuwait

The Adobe Flash add-on might not work in Windows Internet Explorer if you're using the 64-bit edition of Internet Explorer or have disabled the add-on. ActiveX Filtering in Internet Explorer 9 can also prevent the add-on from working. Here are some things to try: Use the 32-bit edition of Internet Explorer. If you have installed either Internet Explorer 8 or Internet Explorer 9, both a 32-bit and a 64-bit edition of the browser are available on your computer. To see which edition of Internet Explorer you're using Open Internet Explorer, and then do one of the following: In Internet Explorer 8, click the Help menu, and then click About Internet Explorer. In Internet Explorer 9, click the Tools button , and then click About Internet Explorer. If you're using the 64-bit edition of Internet Explorer, 64-bit Edition will appear to the right of the version number. If you're using the 32-bit edition, nothing will appear to the right of the version number. Enable the add-on in the Manage Add-on dialog box. In Internet Explorer 9, turn off ActiveX Filtering.

Android For Tablets 2.2 Froyo Or 3.0 Gingerbread on kuwait

Android 2.2 (Froyo) which is the latest version of Android OS for handheld devices from Google available in the Kuwait. Android is believed to be beating the iPhone OS and Android is very much successful and we see lots of handheld device manufactures are using this. Samsung Galaxy Tablet is powered with Android 2.2 which is the latest version available in the market. Now the question is “Is this version fine for Tablet as well or is it well tweaked for the best performance for a tablet”. Other question that comes in my mind is like in iPad, we have applications which are developed for iPad, will the Android apps developed for mobile phones work well with tablets. Android 3.0 (Gingerbread) has a higher hardware basic requirements like atleast 1-GHz processor, 512MB of RAM memory, and displays no smaller than 3.5 inches and higher resolutions of up to 1280Will the tablets which are recently out in the market like the Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000, Dell Streak, Notion Ink Adam, ICD Ultra, Acer Tablet and many more coming up be able to run on the upcoming Android 3.0. Interesting thing is that there are rumors that Android 3.0 will be out by mid of October according to PC World. If its true that Android 3.0 is coming up soon then I feel that the recently launched Tablets powered by Android 2.2 should have waited for the release of Android 3.0 and have their hardwares loaded with the best to run this version. Honeycomb would be the next version after Gingerbread (Android 3.5). by 760 pixels would also be available for devices with displays larger than 4 inches.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

VoIP on iPad in Kuwait

Yes, it's true - you can do VoIP on the new Apple iPad. The iPad sports WiFi, 3G, speaker, and a microphone - all you need to do VoIP. But the real kicker is that Apple just modified their iPhone (News - Alert)/iPad SDK to ALLOW VoIP over 3G. Yes, my friends, now you too can hold a massive 9.7" screen to your head - bulkiness and radiation be damned! The pertinent part of the SDK is as follows: 3.3. 23 Because some mobile network operators may prohibit or restrict the use of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) functionality over their network, such as the use of VoIP telephony over a cellular network, and may also impose additional fees, or other charges in connection with VoIP, You agree to inform end-users, prior to purchase, to check the terms of agreement with their operator, for example, by providing such notice in the marketing text that You provide accompanying Your Application on the App Store. 9. Third Party Terms of Agreement: You must state in the EULA that the end-user must comply with applicable third party terms of agreement when using Your Application, e.g., if You have a VoIP application, then the end-user must not be in violation of their wireless data service agreement when using Your Application. So Apple (News - Alert) is basically saying to developers "feel free to create VoIP over 3G apps, just make sure you state in the EULA that the end user must not violate any third party agreement, i.e. a carrier saying you can't do VoIP over 3G". But most users ignore EULAs anyway, so even if the carriers "ask you not to do VoIP over 3G" the carriers would be hard pressed to punish their users for using VoIP over 3G. Why? Because at least in the U.S. the FCC would be all over them. Holding the iPad to your ear for phone calls will be mighty tough unless you use your Bluetooth headset. I'm hoping they put better echo cancellation and larger speakers so you can just use speakerphone mode. I grade the iPhone's speakerphone mode a solid B- which is not good enough. I'm also still waiting for Skype to release an 'official' version that supports VoIP over 3G. Granted my jailbroken iPhone supports Skype (News - Alert) over 3G in Kuwait.

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