Wednesday, August 24, 2011

OSN Troubleshooting for kuwait

"E-45 Searching For Signal At .."
75% of E45 on-screen messages can be resolved by rebooting the decoder. Digital decoders are like computers and they may occasionally freeze or "lock-up". Disconnect the power to the decoder by unplugging the wall socket and re-plugging it. This should rectify most cases.

"E-16 Service Is Currently Scrambled"
Check that you are watching an OSN channel to which you have subscribed. To refresh your signal you can: -

Send an SMS with your smart card number followed by 500
Call our automated answering service on:
KSA 03 895 8484
Kuwait 1 807 007
Egypt 023 827 6666
UAE & Others +971 4 367 7888

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