Thursday, August 4, 2011

VoIP on iPad in Kuwait

Yes, it's true - you can do VoIP on the new Apple iPad. The iPad sports WiFi, 3G, speaker, and a microphone - all you need to do VoIP. But the real kicker is that Apple just modified their iPhone (News - Alert)/iPad SDK to ALLOW VoIP over 3G. Yes, my friends, now you too can hold a massive 9.7" screen to your head - bulkiness and radiation be damned! The pertinent part of the SDK is as follows: 3.3. 23 Because some mobile network operators may prohibit or restrict the use of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) functionality over their network, such as the use of VoIP telephony over a cellular network, and may also impose additional fees, or other charges in connection with VoIP, You agree to inform end-users, prior to purchase, to check the terms of agreement with their operator, for example, by providing such notice in the marketing text that You provide accompanying Your Application on the App Store. 9. Third Party Terms of Agreement: You must state in the EULA that the end-user must comply with applicable third party terms of agreement when using Your Application, e.g., if You have a VoIP application, then the end-user must not be in violation of their wireless data service agreement when using Your Application. So Apple (News - Alert) is basically saying to developers "feel free to create VoIP over 3G apps, just make sure you state in the EULA that the end user must not violate any third party agreement, i.e. a carrier saying you can't do VoIP over 3G". But most users ignore EULAs anyway, so even if the carriers "ask you not to do VoIP over 3G" the carriers would be hard pressed to punish their users for using VoIP over 3G. Why? Because at least in the U.S. the FCC would be all over them. Holding the iPad to your ear for phone calls will be mighty tough unless you use your Bluetooth headset. I'm hoping they put better echo cancellation and larger speakers so you can just use speakerphone mode. I grade the iPhone's speakerphone mode a solid B- which is not good enough. I'm also still waiting for Skype to release an 'official' version that supports VoIP over 3G. Granted my jailbroken iPhone supports Skype (News - Alert) over 3G in Kuwait.

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  1. what time iphone 4S is vailable in Kuwait ?


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