Sunday, September 11, 2011

Backup galaxy tab in Kuwait

Titanium Backup ! Actually, I also wonder just who I am doing this test at all? Roots to know the app and use non-root you can not. What a dilemma in which I am! I show courage and try them anyway, not just (well YET!) Around you and annoy you, but because it has the potential to put everything else into the shade! After starting the app you will be confronted once with terms that are at least tell me as a NON-Linux users nothing. Busy Box? LZO compression? Wiki OK! You are on the list! LZO , a compression standard that is designed for pure speed. Why I did not know before? Well, at least I now have a new favorite spelling for "Upper hammer". The compression of the backed apps can also be done by the known Kompriemierungsarten as tar.gz. LZO is a bit faster, but is not supported by any processor. The real humor but is above the BusyBox . It is a fundamental part of the Linux / Unix OS, and incorporates many small standard Unix applications to a file. Seems important to be well! You can download and install these two programs under the button "issues?". BusyBox was installed successfully, you receive the message by now that the app now in Bestiz is the super user privileges. Of course this is important if you want to use the app, and create backups. Manage the main function to create backups, restore and delete, is the top humor!
Safeguarding vulnerable apps in this respect is of course not unusual anymore. The other apps can too! But the Titan can do even more! So it is possible to fuse protected apps and systems applications to create, and this needs to recoup! The backups land on the SD card and includes all application data such as scores of games, settings, or login data that you have made. You can you choose to restore, but even if you only want the app again on your green friend, or the app as a whole along with the backup data is again on it. With a tap on an app from the list the powerful context menu. You'll love it, because from here you can: •Start the app •uninstall •Creating a backup •Application Data Delete •Restore the backup •or delete the backup You come with a long tap into the special features. From here you move the app, for example on the SD card or internal memory, you can use "Woah was-I--yet-never-in-Android-Market-thank-for-this-function 'eyes in Android Market and marvel at forcing the app to forget that they actually come from the Android Market (Detach from Market) to receive any further update information. Worked very well for me at least the latter has not! You can use the filter, the app list by certain criteria ... - Yes really - filter! I see - you're still there! Simply press the Menu button once and select the button that says the word from which we had just finished (with "F" it begins). Really useful is the batch mode! Here you can specify whether you the assurance •all apps •only the User Apps •System Apps •the system data want to perform. The batch mode is a really great tool! 17 selectable points, ranging from those already listed above up to delete all backups and restore the newer user apps. Crazy, what the tool can be anything! I have courage, I have with this test already proved that I am so brave, however, even I did not know. I went by myself in my Ausprobierdrang some system apps and kicked them sheepishly from the device. Not that Titanium backup would not warn me, I risked it anyway. "Hah - Setup Wizard you I need not," I cried as I pressed the "delete" button. Well, apparently I would have him still in use today, because after the removal of the wizard, made an unexpected reboot my Desire and starts since the no boot screen. If someone has a tip, please bring it on;). Ah, the Setup Wizard (RIP) is gone successfully. What I will say this story really: You should really watch what system apps you throw from your device, because the interactions of the system apps with each other can be opaque, so that at one time to another app no ​​longer works, or just like me the boot screen disappears. After this grueling boot without a boot screen, but first I was relieved that my beloved Desire has still survived, but now I had another problem. The root rights were gone - at least I tried to convince the Titanium backup. A quick start PicMe but said something else. I had root access so yet, just as I could tell the Titanium backup? Alas, since a "problem" is behind the familiar button and BusyBox. A tip to all desperate men: Easy to install BusyBox again and everything runs like a good bicycle chain lubricated. Under schedules, you don plans for backups. Here, you can freely choose the date and time and restart like functions, like you find in the batch mode already know! Widget and an Image Recovery Creator are also part of Titanium backup!

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