Wednesday, September 28, 2011

How to add internal A2DP bluetooth for the Ipod Mini (2G)

Soldering gear. This bluetooth adapter . Since this link will probably be dead relatively soon it might pose a problem for those of you trying to do this mod; the item is listed as a generic bluetooth adapter but in the manual it is revealed to be the BTAV101 manufactured by Flaircomm. A few lengths of thin wire. I harvested my wires from an old parallel cable. So, let's get on with it. UPDATE:- After getting it all together and trying it out it turns out that the mini's case doesn't allow the transmitter to work nearly as far as it normally would. Extending the antenna out of the case doesn't help. It works up to about 6 feet when out of my pocket but it starts getting choppy while in my right pocket. Not sure what's causing the interference in my pocket, but the problem disappears while in my left pocket. Step 1Breaking it down So this is pretty straightforward. We need to get everything down bare so we can work with it. For the 2G iPod Mini the tear down is relatively easy. The guys over at have a great guide on how to get it down to where we need it. As for the bluetooth dongle, all we need to do is slide a flathead into the crack between the two halves and GENTLY pry it open. We dont want to stab right through it and risk damaging any of the internals. Unfortunately I'm writing this post teardown so I don't have any pictures but it's dead easy. The usb port on the adapter is too big to fit into the iPod and needs to be removed, I removed it by gently prying it off with a pair of pliers.

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