Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How to download Skype in Kuwait

Many residents in Kuwait know that Skype specifically, and VOIP in general, is banned by the Ministry of Communications. However, a lot of people (to my surprise) didn’t know that once the obstactle of getting the software is overcome, the program works perfectly fine. There are many ways of getting the software: If you know someone who lives abroad, you can ask them to download it for you and upload it on a file sharing service such as rapidshare Alternatively, you can use a free VPN service such as hotspotshield. This will unblock Skype’s homepage and you may download it (at a slow speed). Or you can use Wataniya Telecom’s routers or tethered mobiles’ unlimited data connection to access Skype’s homepage which is still unblocked. I am not sure about Zain and Viva.. perhaps someone can check and drop in a comment below. Now to add credit: You may follow steps 2 or 3. or access Skype’s secured site, which is unblocked by Kuwait’s ISPs. Skype is the defacto standard for video conferencing and I plea the authorities to reconsider their ban.


  1. there are lots of VOIP apps available in kuwait .

  2. Voip calls is cheaper option to call outside kuwait..


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