Sunday, September 25, 2011

How To Hack Via BlueTooth in kuwait

This tutorial will allow you to send messages and make free phonecalls at another's expense. This will also allow you to read the phone book and inbox of the hacked device. This is a BlueTooth Hack tutorial by kuwait tech Please subscribe and comment. First you will need a phone that has BlueTooth connectivity. You should also have a handset that supports JAVA MIDP-2 (if you dont know how to check, its easier to just try and do it =] ). The tech you will need is a small file that we developed a while ago for mobiles called "MagicBlueHack" . I've posted it here for your convenience =] Note: search and download it from (search: BlueMagicHack) you might have to enter your phone type in the top right hand corner, to get the correct download.

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