Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How to pay Kuwait landline bill

Ministry of Communications has launched a drive to recover outstanding dues on landlines. If dues are outstanding you risk of landline disconnection. Already pre-recorded messages are being played to subscribers nearly daily, if your bill payment is outstanding. Now there are 2 ways to do this..long way and short way. Long way means you go to you local telephone exchange and pay the dues which means skipping work for most of us. Or you can check your balances online and pay them via your bank’s online services. I bank with NBK and this facility is available in their online offerings. Anyways here is the drill for checking and paying your landline bills online: 1. Visit the MOC website and login 2. You will need your landline number [use the new number with 2] and civil id number that was used for registering the telephone line 3. Check your balance 4. Login to your banks website and pay your bills


  1. In Kuwait nobody pay landlines bills till well it disconnect. ha ha.

  2. How to check landlines bill in kuwait online...

  3. With the improvement of 4G it would seem that it won't be some time before these administrations are accessible outside of the home as well. cost of 0800 numbers


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