Friday, September 2, 2011

MTC Kuwait Deploys Motorola Solution to Provide Customers

Under the agreement, MTC Kuwait will deploy Motorola’s Global Applications Management Architecture (GAMA) solution including systems integration and advanced network optimization services which are designed to enhance the mobile data capacity of the operator’s network and improve the performance of mobile data applications even over low-bandwidth connections. The enhanced network will enable users to access mobile web pages and email on the move at a faster rate than previously.

“Providing high quality service is one of the most important aspects of our operation at MTC Kuwait, as is continuous improvement of the data network speeds to meet our customers' expanding mobile communication requirements,” said Barrak Al Sabeeh, general manager, MTC Kuwait.

“There is a growing demand from our customers for mobile data services – applications such as push email – that require a fast and reliable connection to deliver real value to the user. The Motorola GAMA solution that we have rolled out will enable us to deliver the level of service that users require, and add new users to the network, all without having to make substantial new investment in infrastructure, thereby realizing efficiencies,” Al Sabeeh added.

The Motorola GAMA solution accelerates the delivery of data to mobile devices such as PDAs, laptops and mobile phones, and also enables the network to accommodate additional users as required.

“The Motorola GAMA solution, including system integration and network optimization services, offer a wide range of benefits to service providers such as MTC Kuwait. The seamless deployment means that customers will gain the benefits of a faster service, allowing them to get more out of their mobile applications, which in turn encourages them to use those applications even more,” said Ali Amer, vice president, Middle East, Africa and Pakistan, Motorola Networks & Enterprise.

“For MTC Kuwait, this network optimization ensures full utilization of resources so that new customers can be added easily and efficiently, enabling the operator to get optimal return on investment from its infrastructure,” Amer concluded.

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