Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Now Send Animated Message on Viber

 Now Viber add a features to  send animated message. The steps as follows:

1. check the latest version of Viber is installed on your device
2. Select the contact you want to send an Animated Message to, and open the conversation window
3. Tap the Add icon on the bottom left and select the Animated Message (Note that, since the Animated Message icon is at the bottom of the list, you may need to scroll down on some devices with smaller screen)
4. Wait for a number of animations and pictures to load and download (It does take long)
5. Now the roll of available animations appears on the screen, and you can also tap the Add button to get extra animations
6. You need to select an animation by tapping on it
7. Tap the Record button and record your voice message.
8. Wait for the changes to apply and then press the Send button (Tap the Play button to get a preview before sending)
9. Note that you can also modify the background of your animation message by pressing the background icon .


  1. Thnaks for nice info. KT. I got now in my mobile.

  2. Is this available in Iphone 5.

  3. Yes this is available on iphone as weel as android also.


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