Thursday, March 19, 2015

Samsung android phone memory full error when update apps

 There are lots Samsung  galaxy mobile phone and  have 7.5gb memory card but when download an app it says I do not have enough storage space. For this  because Apps can only be installed on the internal storage for any android phone. You also try moving some files like music or pictures to the memory card to free up some space.
The problem is that even though you have an 8GB memory card, the internal memory on the phone is about 1GB, this is a type of system memory and many apps require some of this space. You have managed to fill the system memory with apps and that is  full, not your memory card. There are two solutions.

1. Delete some apps to free up some of the phone memory!
2. "root" your phone and use an app to force things onto the sdcard instead of system storage. You can google how to root your phone and there are plenty of apps that move things to sd card.

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  1. I have samsung Ace 3 have same issue, sometime Ccleaner help to increase memory issue.


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