Friday, January 8, 2016

Redmi Note 2 performance

Graphics processors determine how good screen effects can get and how smooth the overall experience can be. The PowerVR series by Imagination Technologies improves graphics performance on Redmi Note 2 by an incredible 3.5 times compared to the previous Redmi Note. This produces a smoothness when loading graphics-intensive games, HD videos, or 3D effects. So even if you're just killing time on a bus or train, you'll be thoroughly entertained.
Both SIM slots support 4G networks, so you have the flexibility to customize which card you want to dial or use data from. Especially great when you grab a prepaid card for data when traveling overseas. It's the perfect way to stay connected round the clock!Up to 3 times faster than previous Wi-Fi standards, 802.11ac Wi-Fi makes it possible to make transfers above 1Gbps. Dual-band Wi-Fi also lets you connect to 5GHz networks, which offer quicker, smoother connections with less interference. Perfect for browsing webpages, streaming videos, and downloading apps. 
Redmi Note 2 has a large 3060mAh battery to keep you going throughout the day. We've added software improvements that minimize network connections and GPS requests for apps that aren't actively in use. Redmi Note 2 also charges quickly, so downtime is kept to a minimum.

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  1. Can you tell me redmi price in india. Its good looking mobile.


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