Saturday, February 27, 2016

Samsung Galaxy S7 specs in kuwait

Introducing the smartphone your life can't do without—the Samsung Galaxy S7 in Kuwait. Packed with features to keep you both productive and entertained, all in a sleek, slim design that fits comfortably in your hand or pocket. Key features include:

5.1" Quad Super AMOLED display
12 MP dual-pixel rear-facing camera and 5 MP front-facing camera
IP68 water-resistant rating1
3,000mAh battery
DIRECTV tools and apps.

The first Samsung smartphone with dual-pixel technology shoots like a pro. The 12 MP rear-facing camera features faster autofocus2  and a new low-light sensor that catches each detail, even in soft light. Now you’ll capture each moment as you actually see it. Plus, capture a beautiful selfie on the 5 MP wide-angle front-facing camera.

Stop waiting around for your phone to charge. With fast
wireless charging,3  the Galaxy S7 can quickly power
up from 0 to 100%.4  And with the 3,000mAh battery

The Galaxy S7 in kuwait integrates DIRECTV right into the phone with a widget, app, voice command, and quick remote. You can:

Control your TV—Get instant access to your remote control from the notification shade.5
Stream live TV anytime—With the DIRECTV app and widget on your device, you can stream your favorite shows and live TV.5
Your voice is our command—Speak up using your Samsung device to open the DIRECTV app by saying, "Hello Galaxy, open DIRECTV."
in our thinnest device, the Galaxy S7 in kuwait gives you the power
to keep going.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Apple's next major iOS update 9, now available for download in Kuwait

Apple's described iOS 9 as being more "intelligent," thanks largely to Proactive Suggestions. Proactive Suggestions, the major feature addition in iOS 9, turn the iPhone into a lifestyle management tool and make Apple's personal assistant Siri more responsive and able to complete more tasks than ever before. Proactive suggestions are systemwide and work in myriad ways, offering up apps and recommendations at appropriate times.

For example, if you often listen to music in the morning, iOS 9 can automatically open the Music app to a favorite playlist when you plug in your headphones. If you always open up the weather app to check what's going on outside, it might open it automatically after your alarm goes off.Siri can do a lot more in iOS 9 with contextual awareness. If you ask Siri to "Remind me to do this" when looking at a request you've received in the Messages app, Siri can understand what you mean by "this" and will add the event. Later, when you look at the event in the Reminders app, you'll see that it also links back to the original conversation so you can see the source. Siri is also more aware of location, so a very specific reminder like "Call mom when I get in the car" works too.

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